Oberhof in Thuringia

View over the Resort

Oberhof is a traditional climatic resort in Germany. As a place of leisure, tourism and sport it provides a wide range of entertainments at any time of the year. Calm and clean air has been attracting tourists and travelers since the 19th century. At present the federal center of winter sports on the crest of the Thuringian Forest offers endless opportunities for professional sport and fitness.

Oberhof is a favorite destination for whose who travel to the Rennsteig Trail. There is Mountain Berberg of 982 m. the highest point of the Thuringian Forest just a few kilometers away. Rennsteig Gardens the biosphere reserve with its unique alpine scenery appears gaze of tourists as a tourist attraction of some kind.

Attractions in Oberhof

Travel along the famous Rennsteig Trail

The Rennsteig Trail

Walk along the Rennsteig Trail the famous hiking trail in Germany! Covered with myths and legends local places annually attract thousands of travelers.

Enjoy untouched nature throughout the 170-kilometer route from the river Werra in Hörschel to the river Saale in Blankenstein. Oberhof with it's botanical garden Rennsteigten being the capital of Rennsteig is a popular target among travellers and visiting it  is considered a mandatory program for many tourists.

Athletic facilities in Oberhof

Thanks to the World Cup, World Cup, international and national competitions, as well as regular local athletes victories Oberhof earned an international reputation as a center of winter sports of world level. Sports and joy of outdoor activities both in winter and summer have become symbols of the city.

The largest event in the city, of course, is the annual Biathlon World Cup at the LOTTO Thuringia Arena, bringing together 30 thousand fans of biathlon from all over the world. The neighboring ski season LOTTO Thuringia Skisport-HALL allows professional athletes and amateur skiers train a year-round at a temperature of -4 ° C.

Top athletes from all over the world come to Oberhof for the pre-season training in the midlands. It offers athletes and all comers 2 roller-ski tracks with a shooting range, all-weather indoor ski arena with a shooting range. Bobsleigh track with a separate booster module for summer training is one of the three in Germany, which annually hosts Race Luge World Cup.

Two large ski jumps  in Kanzlersgrund were  renovated  in Oberhof in 2015. Four ski jumps are currently operating on the mountain of Wadeberg including Jugendschanze designed for juniors, two school  jumps - Schülerschanzen, and one for children - Kinderschanze.

Sports Facilities in Oberhof
Ski Jumps in Oberhof
Panorama in the Rennsteig Gardens

Rennsteig Botanical Gardens 

Enjoy contemplation of the Rennsteig Garden - the  nature's largest idyllic Alpine garden in Germany. This botanical garden accommodates more than 4,000 different species of plants from the mountains of Europe, North and South America, Asia, New Zealand and the Arctic region. Rennsteig blooming rocky landscapes are extraordinarily popular. Riots of colors can be seen here since the end of April.

A special informative tour where knowledge in various fields of botany are  transmitted in the form of games and do not spoil the pleasure of a walk in the garden are held for children along the main avenue.

After the 7-kilometer walk through the main street invites you to garden Café "Enzian", to cool off to have a cup of coffee and cake or a snack.

The monument of Duke Ernst

Other places of interest

The top of the rock, "Burnt Stone" has long been chosen by tourists, since it is easy to climb and the magnificent panorama of the Thuringian Forest opens from there. There are several rock hiking trails, and one of them leads directly to our house. In the city center one can view a monument to Duke Ernst II, erected by the inhabitants in 1903 in gratitude to of the wise ruler who established the climatic health resort in Oberhof and participated in its development and popularization.

One can also visit several castles and fortresses, as well as to plan trips to the famous museums, or attend  the interesting cultural events in the resort region of Oberhof.